June’s Best Nail Polishes

Summer holidays are on the not-too-distant horizon and winter is – finally – behind us, and so there has never been a better time to refresh your nail polish collection. I have had a good look at a few new trends, shades, sets, and selected my top 5 for June. Which will you choose? MAC … Continue reading

Best Red Nail Polishes

Red nail polish is a quintessentially classic look. A very feminine, proven look. One would say a bulletproof go-to-look, when you want to feel glamourous. Here are my favourite red polishes, with different shades and price tags. Trust me, these are the antidotes to every woman’s woes! And red polish works with every look! Try … Continue reading

Favourite… More Nail Trends by Chanel for Spring and Summer

Chanel have already launched the spring collection online. Here we are with the three new Le Vernis Nail Colour, with a cream no-shimmer texture. April is a mauve plum, May is a soft quite light pink, and June is a peachy\apricot shade. As usual Chanel lays down the law of nail trends. Ever since it … Continue reading