Les Journées Particulières by LVMH

LVMH announced a few days ago the second edition of its “Journées Particulières” event on June 15 and 16. The event, which first took place in 2011, provides the public an opportunity to understand the company’s new products. According to the French luxury goods company, this year’s event will be bigger and will feature more companies … Continue reading

My Favourite New Spring Scents

  As winter drags on, I long for sunnier, warmer days and destinations. We all do. And these days, I can only find solace in day-dreaming of the Spring by browsing Spring fashion and beauty editorials. So for everyone’s sake – and as a little distraction from the renewed cold spell in London – I … Continue reading

Rose Duet by Dyptique

I have a passion for Dyptique. Their candles in particular, although I love everything they do. I love their visual merchandising, their packaging, how delicate their fragrances are. I love it all. This being said, I would like to introduce you to Rose Duet, a limited edition created especially to commemorate Valentine’s Day this year, inspired … Continue reading

Focus… Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo

With a new season drawing near, and the end of summer, it is now time for us to talk about – and buy! – a new fragrance. Autumn is not necessarily synonym of strong and heady scents. Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo is the perfect fresh, light and floral scent who could very well become the … Continue reading

Forward… Chanel’s Coco Noir

Chanel has announced the launch of their brand new fragrance, Coco Noir for September. The new scent will be the third in the series, after the original created in 1984 and Coco Mademoiselle in 2001. The black-bottled scent, available in just a few weeks, has top spicy and citrus notes of grapefruit, orange and Calabrian bergamot, a … Continue reading

Forward… Tom Ford ‘Noir’

Tom Ford is revisiting the men’s fragrance world with Noir, a second signature scent st to be released in October, a scent that he reveals is his most personal fragrance, describing it as “enigmatic, complex and surprising” and a fragrance that “pulls you closer in an almost addicting way”. The scent hits you first with a harsh, surprising … Continue reading

Focus… Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends Fragrance Line

Kiehl’s is known for its high-quality products, under-eye creams, super rich lotions, and natural-smelling hair products, but back in 1851 when the company first started, its expertise was in scented oils. Kiehl’s just returned to their roots with Aromatic Blends, the first-ever fragrance line inspired by their original scented musks. The new collection ‘Aromatic Blends’ launches nationwide in … Continue reading

Favourite… Summer Scents

Summer is the best season to play around with light and easy fragrances. Bvlgari, Chloé and Calvin Klein have perfect scents to complement a sunny day, or to brighten a rainy one. Bvlgari’s Omnia Coral seems to be the best perfume with airy and fluid accents for a summer in an urban environment. The vibrant … Continue reading

Favourite… Aesop

Created in 1987 in Melbourne, Aesop is a unisex line that acknowledges the need for a little more than a miracle cream to live a happy life, the brand strives to become one segment of a “balanced lifestyle”. Aesop’s products contain a mix of plant-based properties and non-botanical elements like antioxidants. The philosophy behind the line comes … Continue reading

Favourite… Fresh Scents

It is -finally- time to leave those heavy, musky scents that carry you through winter  for something fresher; the idea of a weightless floral mist that’s neither too strong nor too sweet is appealing to even the most loyal fragrance fan, no? There are loads of lightweight summer smells to choose from, you can find … Continue reading