W Hotel Designers of the Future Award 2013 at Design Miami Basel


Each year three young designers or studios are selected for the W Hotel Designers of the Future Awards, and are given the opportunity to develop a commission for a specific piece that will then be shown to the audience at Design Miami. Additionally, in the long run, they can eventually work with W Hotel on a permanent installation in one of their hotels.

This year, the awards are taking it to the next level by sending the designers on a mini-residency. The three winners are Seung-Yong Song from Korea, Bethan Laura Wood from the UK and Jon Stam from Canada and the Netherlands were sent to different destinations; Wood went to Mexico City, Stam went to Verbier in the Swiss Alps and Song went to Bangkok, to get inspired by the cities, and research at local craftsmanship, traditions and culture, and explore the W Hotels in each location.

Now, back from their residency, they have each created a piece which responds to the brief for this year’s event, ‘Making Connections.’ They were asked to create or design a piece or an installation that connects international visitors with local communities.

This award can really become a launchpad for them to interact with the receptive audience visiting Design Miami, which ranges from critics to museum representatives and enthusiasts of all kinds. It’s the fourth year that the award is extended in collaboration with W who are curious to meet young talent to work with.


Seung-Yong Song’s Wheeljek mirror for W Hotel Bangkok




Glass lamps by Bethan Laura Wood for W Hotel Mexico City

_W-Hotels-Designers-of-the-Future-Award-2013-projects-at-Design-Miami-Basel_6 _W-Hotels-Designers-of-the-Future-Award-2013-projects-at-Design-Miami-Basel_8 wheeljek


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