Fashion + Art + Dance = Bolero at the Opera de Paris


It is the hottest ticket in Paris. Created by artist Marina Abramovic in collaboration with choreographers of the moment Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Damien Jalet and featuring costumes by Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci, the new production of Bolero at Opera de Paris is the fusion of the most captivating contemporary talents in art, dance and fashion. Critics have hailed the result of collaboration as hypnotic and magic.

Riccardo Tisci designed truly gorgeous dresses for the ballerinas on creme silk background, with ornaments of sequins embroidered onto tulle that featured rib cages, spines and jaw lines. In movement they are like waves in air.

The uni­sex out­fit con­sists of a long black cape and flow­ing dress made of nude tulle. Under­neath are skin-tone cat suits embroidered with white lace to mimic the human skel­eton. The lace motif is echoed in swirl­ing black motifs on the dan­cers faces.

Abramovic cre­ated an all-black sceno­graphy, with a sus­pen­ded mir­ror panel to duplic­ate the 11 dan­cers, provid­ing an excel­lent frame for Tisci’s costumes.

He said of the project: “It is one of the dreams of a designer to design cos­tumes for a bal­let. I have had offers in the past from many other big theaters/operas. But I never felt ready. When this one came along, I felt it was the moment to say yes for many reas­ons. First, I am very proud to have been asked to cre­ate cos­tumes by Bri­gitte Lefèvre, dir­ector of danse at Paris’ national Opera which is the biggest opera theater in the world and it is such an iconic insti­tu­tion in France. Second, because it is the Bolero. The pro­ject is amaz­ing because it is made by a group of unique people with great tal­ent, from the set design by Mar­ina Abramovic to cho­reo­graphy by Sidi Larbi Cherka­oui and Damien Jalet.”


6a0105362716cd970c01901bd2df8f970b-550wi 969199_10151936488279278_1259186835_n ballet GIVENCHY-BOLERO-DE-RAVEL riccardo-tisci-bolero-ravel-figurino-bale-01 rtbolero tisci-opera Bolero - Marina Abramovic, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui et Damien Jalet


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