A Look Into Martina Spetlova’s World


Central Saint Martins’ graduate Martina Spetlova is a fashion designer based in London currently getting quite a lot of attention for her unique and distinctive designs. She has worked with prestigious names in the industry such as Jeremy Scott in LA, John Galliano in Paris and Giles Deacon in London, and has set up a fair trade embroidery network between women in Pakistan and designers in the UK. She celebrates all that is good in the innovation of fashion design with her own truly original style.

Here’s a brief insight into her work and her collection for AW 2013.

What insight can you give us into your A/W 2013 collection?
The latest collection for AW 2013 is entirely leather and knitwear and features lots of textures and colours again… My simple twisted yarn knitted dresses and neckpieces accompany every look of 15 silhouettes and are a great compliment to raw edged, un-lined leather jackets, tops, skirts, shorts and trousers. Collars are created by patch-working fish skin leathers and off-cuts of sheep skin and no piece in the collection is flat.

Amongst the techniques used are the playful exploration of accordion pleats on leather, cuts punched through soft leathers to create grids on the surface and my satin tape hand-woven technique from last season combined with graphic pattern (seen also on knits).

I’m using softly twisted stretchy yarns for knitted neckpieces and dresses in black, light grey and graphic patterns. A/W 2013 uses soft colours of pale blue, moth green, mustard orange, white and black together with acid yellow and orange. My selection of colours is always little bit random. I usually start with 3 or 4 colours I like and are available and add more of them while working on my fabric samples.

I use a high quality of craftsmanship, making pieces by hand in the studio.

All the knitwear is created in my studio in London, which does all samples and production at the moment. We work on domestic knitting machines

You are a textile innovator – what is it about different textures that you find so appealing?
Texture is like print for me, juxtaposing different textures together gives my designs the power I like to achieve in my collections. I tend to experiment with contrasting colours and opposing textures. I am always trying to find ways to treat standard fabrics to give them different structural properties – for instance by bonding, pleating and weaving satin through leathers – which helps me create a point of difference. That is how I can make my designs stand out but I also have lots of fun creating new collections. I am minimalist in shapes but maximalist in texture.

See some pieces from Martina Spetlova’s AW 2013 collection below

50342 50343 50344 50345 martina-spetlova-fw-2013-01-600x801 martina-spetlova-fw-2013-03-600x801 martina-spetlova-fw-2013-14-600x774 martina-spetlova-fw-2013-15-600x807 martina+spetlova MS_05 copy MS_08 copy thumb-1919398


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