Obsession of the Week: Koishi

Serbian jewellery designer Ivana Damjanović sees her work as a collection of actions and emotions with a dynamic built-in nature. She started designing jewellery in 2008, whilst studying interior and furniture design at the University of Belgrade.In 2009, she started her brand Koishi – Japanese for pebble or stone. The craftmanship of the pieces drew me to Ivana Damjanovic; by combining techniques from sculpture and costume design, her pieces are often at odds with themselves. There a sense of raw creativity and instinct behind them that I find very polarizing. Here is what the designer has to say about her line, her work and herself.
Tell what you think of these words: Inspiration and Creativity

Nothing inspires me like emotions. I see them in human interaction, music, films, new technologies and materials. Usually I never seek out inspiration. The most natural thing, are ideas.

Cultural influences are something I try really hard to ignore. I probably have some, buried deep in my subconscious. I truly believe that if the mind stays pure, you can alway have a fresh perspective.

Creativity comes from freedom and curiosity. It is a basic child’s need to explore, and do things. I try to stay in touch with my inner child. That connection brings me great joy.

I like making almost anything! It is the creative process that fulfils me. I love cooking, singing, sewing, designing, sculpturing, and painting my house! But most of all, I love making jewellery.”

What has been your path over the past few years?

I got where I am because I am stubborn. I won’t take “No” for an answer, and I constantly challenge myself. The limits of human ability are beyond our imagination.

If I could I would multiply myself! There are so many things to be done, and the ideas keep piling up. Unfortunately, I have to be included in every part of production. From drawing to polishing. It consumes a lot of my time. I’m a perfectionist in every way. I know exactly what I want, which can sometimes be overwhelming because it is very hard to live up to my own expectations. My resolution is to tone it down a bit.

How do trends affect your work?

They don’t, really. Fashion can sometimes be very impersonal. It can hit hard, and force its tendencies, resulting in a lack of personal taste. I think that it is important to find the balance between the two.

What is next for your brand?

There is a new alter ego for Koishi called “Lamat”. In the near future, you will be able to meet her. She wears some odd-looking shoes, geometric bags and organic belts.

4 crash_earrings_a2 img-thing-1 koishi_2 koishi_7_copy koishi_8_copy_0 koishi_9_copy koishi_10_copy koishi_12_copy koishi_14 koishi-2 koishi-100-600x900_copy koishi


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