Balthazar London


One of my favourite spots in New York, Balthazar, has opened the door of its London replica in Covent Garden a few weeks ago. Faithfully replicating the insanely popular Manhattan original, Balthazar London will remind you of walking into a quintessential brasserie in Paris, except one that’s in New York. Well, in Covent Garden now. The space is bedecked with classic French style with red leather banquettes, huge tarnished mirrors and, scuffed tile floors.

The best: the owners are re-creating the celebrated menu, with highlights like the towering raw bar selection, duck shepherd’s pie, grilled lamb T-bones, and their French onion soup, of which the NY outlet reportedly serves more than 50 littres per day. They make their own bread on the premises and proudly put them on display with huge country-style sourdoughs, baguettes, and the like around the restaurant.

Try it if you are in London, you will not be disapppointed.

Balthazar London, 4-6 Russell Street, London WC2B 5HZ

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